11 Juni 2016 um 14:00 Uhr Sihlstrasse 91, 8001 Zurich


Kinder Ausstellung zum Thema “Sagen und Märchen der Schweiz”


16 May 2015, Apero at 18:00


Dedicated to contemporary art/ Dedicata alle arti visive contemporanee  


Piazza Mentana, 2/3r;  Florence, Italy


22-26 Oktober 2014

Schein-Bar‎ Ausstellung Thema 'Wasser'.

Apero 17:00 bis 23:00

"Schein-Bar" im UG Restaurant Rose

Schoriederstrasse 29

6055 Alpnach Dorf


Olga Schibli

Professional Artist (Diplomierte Kunstmalerin).


I studied fine arts... graduated with a diploma with honours. However.. Art is about if you like it and it touches you ... so it doesn't really matter what kind of diploma I have and which schools I visited. I hope you enjoy what I do ...

Thank you for visiting my virtual gallery! 




2011 -Nützi, O.Schibli, et al. (2011). Negotiating in an International Environment - Eight perspectives for business practitioners. Bd. 01, 2011. 1. Aufl. Olten: Dietschi AG Druck & Medien.


2009 - Jeive, Michael/Schibli, Olga/Ziegler, Roman (2009). Vertrauen als Erfolgsfaktor in Teams. Erschienen am 23.03.2009. In: Computerworld


My philosophy


I am every woman! I depict sentiment through women; romantic, flippant, mysterious, and gorgeous, but always fragile and sensitive. Every plastic resonates someone's life story, as well as my own

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